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About Us

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We exist to make disciples of Jesus through Gospel connection, growth and service. 

CONNECT with God and others

GROW in our understanding of the Gospel and knowledge of the Bible

SERVE the city and reach the world 

SNAPSHOT OF What we believe

CHRISTIAN     We are saved by and made like Christ.
EVANGELICAL     We are Gospel and Bible focused.
PROTESTANT     Salvation is through faith alone, Christ alone, grace alone, by Scripture alone, for the glory of God alone.
BAPTIST TRADITION     Baptism is central as a sign of conversion and profession of faith.
COOPERATIVE     Wherever possible, we work towards unity in the Church, especially here in Madison. (By Church with a capitol C, we mean all churches throughout the world.)
NON-DENOMINATIONAL     High Point has no formal ties to a denomination. 

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What you'll notice:

Jesus' commission to his church is to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything he commanded the disciples to do. (Matthew 28:18-20) So that is our mission at High Point, we exist to make disciples by connecting, growing and serving others with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the good of all people. 

The Gospel is the heart of everything. What is the gospel? It's not about working your way towards God, it's not about making yourself feel better by coming up with your own faith - it's about what God has done for everyone of us through His Son, Jesus Christ and His Spirt. We want to be a fully gospel-shaped community that is content rich and no frills; solid, not slick; substance, not image; deep, not shallow; clear, not cute.

We function out of the belief and conviction that the Bible is from God and everything in it is true and trustworthy. Everything we do at High Point is based off of what God says in His Word. 

God never intended us to live out our Christian faith alone. Spiritual growth and caring for each other happens best when we're in genuine loving relationships. We encourage people to be in groups and serve on teams that are intergenerational and multicultural. You'll see many types of people on a Sunday morning that walk in and out of the doors; old, young, married, single, professionals, students and more all connecting, growing and serving together. 

The price of influence is sacrifice. In order to accomplish our mission of making disciples, the whole church comes together and sacrificially gives of their time and resources. Most of the people you'll see on a Sunday morning welcoming you, mentoring the kids and students, and leading worship are all volunteers who are committed to serving God at High Point. 

The gospel has the greatest impact when it answers questions that people are actually asking and connects with the world in which they live. The unchanging truth of the Gospel must be expressed and proclaimed in ways that can meet the people we're trying to reach. This is called contextualization. If the gospel isn't contextualized to the people we're trying to reach, it will be seem obscure and be disregarded. 

God invites all people to believe and trust the Gospel of Jesus. Therefore, evangelical faith requires local and global outreach to make God's redeeming work known. Because of this, Global Missions, sharing our faith and church planting are important to us. 

The church functions best when it is led well. To be a strong Gospel movement, we need to have godly, gifted and trained leaders to lead here and to send out into the world. We build into our leaders, most of who are all volunteers, and we welcome interns so that they can be built up in their faith, equipped with the Gospel and then able to apply that to leading others in ministry.