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What to expect on Sundays


Welcome Center

Our desire is that when you first visit High Point, you know exactly where to go to get the information you're looking for.  Check out our Welcome Center, located on the left side of lobby when you enter through the main doors, to get helpful resources and to talk with someone about getting more connected into the High Point Church community. 

Coffee Space

We have coffee and tea available during and after both services, located just outside of the right side of the sanctuary.  Come and grab a cup before heading into service, or feel free to hang out in the seating area.

Various Ages and Life Stages

You’ll see people of all ages. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself talking to an 8 year old, a 20-something, a 50-something, and a 70-something all in one morning.


Our 9am and 10:45am services usually last 80-90 minutes. In the service, you’ll experience:


In this part of the service, we worship God together through music. The worship leader will guide you through the service and let you know when to stand up or sit down.

Some people ask what kind of music we play. We have several bands that take turns leading worship. It’d be great if we could classify their style into words like modern, contemporary, folk, rock, or gospel. But everyone tends to have a different idea of how those categories sound. So let’s just say we have a mixture of sounds and styles which have a modern or contemporary feel. 


You’ll typically hear a sermon from Nic Gibson, our lead pastor for teaching and vision. We'll look at a passage in the Bible, and the speaker will explain its meaning and apply it to today’s culture and our lives. The sermons are usually 45 minutes.


You’ll notice that we pray throughout the service. We believe that God knows us and wants us to be in a relationship, communicating with Him. You don’t need to know any words or creeds before coming to church. Someone will lead the prayers and you can pray along or just listen. 

Do you have stuff going on in your life that you want prayer for? After the services, there are people to the left of the stage who would love to hear what’s going on and pray with you.


We pass an offering plate during our service because giving is another way that we worship God. We want to give back to God, in proportion to what He has given us. The offering is for people:

                      -who believe that Jesus is their Savior and Lord.
                      -who call High Point Church their home church. 

The offering is not an opportunity for us to try to get as much money as we can from everyone in the service. If you’re visiting High Point, checking out churches, or just seeing what Christianity is all about, please do not give any money.