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Passover Feast

Friday, March 30th, 2018, 6:00pm

Location: Micah A 7702 Old Sauk Road Madison, WI 53717

Group: Entire Church Group

Contact: Rebecca Schmitt

Attendnce Limit: 400

This year, we’ll be celebrating on Friday, March 30 at 6pm with a Passover meal.

We're so excited that so many of you want to attend! RSVP is now closed.   We have reached 400 attenders.

God created us to experience joy through relationship with him. But because humans are forgetful of God and his goodness, out of his grace he has set up patterns and rhythms for us so that we can pursue joy by remembering God and his work in our life. Passover is a yearly feast to help us remember that God delivered the Israelites—and that he has delivered us—from death. 

On Friday, March 30 we are celebrating Passover at High Point Church with a Passover Feast—complete with roast lamb, bitter herbs, lentils, and unleavened bread (see Exodus 12:8-11). This Passover Feast will be part of our Easter celebration, and will be another way to be reminded of all that God does and has done for us. He has delivered us from death, and because of that we celebrate!

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