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Student Ministry Resources

Here are some great resources to help you be a better disciple maker:



Jesus Christ, Disciplemaker
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Jesus Christ Disciple Maker walks the reader through the various phases of Jesus' ministry.  It will reveal how Jesus formed His disciples and how we are called to do the same today. 
The Space Between
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The Space Between is developed by the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding. It gives a great overview of how children develop through the adolescent years. Great for anyone who cares about guiding teens through those critical years!
Teenage The Pre History of Youth Culture
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Teenage The Pre History of Youth Culture is the best book that I have found that outlines how youth culture has developed over the last 150 years. This is a great resource for anyone who would like to know more about how we got to now.





Center for Parent and Youth Understanding 
A great site with a little bit of everything for parents.  If you'd like to know something about your teens world this site will have the answer for you!

The Youth Culture Report
The youth culture report is a site that is updated daily.  All of the latest trends and studies are listed on here.  If you want to stay in touch with the heartbeat of todays youth culture this is the site to go to!

Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family has been around long enough to make it a pillar of great information for Christian parents seeking to disciple their children. Check out their section dedicated to raising teenagers!

Youth Specialties
This is a great site for anyone who considers themselves a youth worker.  If you are a volunteer in the student ministry here that is you!

The Source 4 Youth Ministry
Another great site to help any student ministry volunteer become an even better one!