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Kids Ministries: Parent Partnership

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Faith at Home

We believe that the task of raising the next generation to follow Jesus belongs primarily in the home.  High Point Church's children's ministry exists primarily to encourage, empower and equip parents to raise their children to follow Jesus. All of our Sunday morning & midweek programming is meant to supplement the Spiritual formation happening at home.  We also are always working to find resources that will help you to raise your children to follow Jesus.  Here are a few resources currently available:

The Family Challenge

The Family Challenge is our parenting initiative.  Visit the site for a HUB of resources to connect relationally and spiritually with your kids.

KidsMin Weekly

This resource is a very simple tool for you to connect with your child about how Jesus relates to their lives. It's designed to work on any time budget, even if you only have one minute to chat with your kid!  It's perfect to do in the car or just before bedtime. Give it a try today! If it's been a helpful tool or we could improve it, please let me know!  KidsMin Weekly is sent out via email; hard copies are also available when you pick your kids up on Sundays. Email  to be added to the list!

Spiritual Convo Text Messages

One easy way to lead your kids Spiritually is by making Spiritual conversations a regular part of your week.  To help facilitate we'd like to start sending parents a quick, weekly text message with a spiritual conversation starter for you and your kids!  

To opt in, email  with your cell phone number and carrier (AT&T, Sprint, etc.). There won't be any cost to you except that of receiving a text message; and if you have free texting, there won't be any charge at all! 

Annual Parenting Class 

PARENTING BUILDING BLOCKS | Sundays, January 7—February 25 at 9am

With Ellen Flottmeyer in Micah C

Parenting Building Blocks will examine heart-based parenting strategies for fulfilling God's intent for families. With gospel principles, we will explore: the parent’s ambassadorial role, God-ward focused authority, the importance of scripture for instruction and reproof, heart-oriented discipline, character development, and the role of mercy and grace. Come connect with other parents and learn or review how to apply these principles and strategies to your everyday parenting. This class is recommended for those entering the kid phase through parents with middle-schoolers.


People often talk about the "power of prayer". That phrase can be misleading. There's really no power in prayer, but there is great power in God and he responds when we reach out to Him in prayer. Because of how gracious and loving God is, prayer is our most effective strategy for the Spiritual growth of our children.  

Your kids' small group leaders would love to join with you in praying for your kids. If there's ever anything you would love to see God do in your child's life, please text or email our Kids Pastor Vince Pierri.

 - 847-209-2201

Vince will pray and will also send the request on to your kids' small group leaders. The prayer request will stay confidential outside of Vince and your small group leaders as they join in prayer together.


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