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Kids Ministries: Sunday Morning

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Sunday Morning 

Your kids can worship God and learn about Jesus on Sunday mornings through loving relationships with trained volunteer Team Members. All Team Members are screened and background checked to keep your kids safe. Contact our Kids Pastor Vince Pierri at  with any questions.  

INFANT NURSERY // Infant - 12 Months

High Point Church offers tender loving care for the youngest attendees of our church during the 9:00 and 10:45 service. The infant nursery is for children not yet walking, and is staffed by trained adult volunteer Team Members.

Our infant nursery is equipped with the perfect necessities for little ones from swings to mobiles and strollers, toys and cribs. With an adult to infant ratio of 1:3, our babies enjoy the close, personal nurturing care they require. This also enables each of our adult volunteers to build meaningful relationships with each child and his/her family.

TODDLER NURSERY // Age 1 - Age 2

The toddler nursery is for “confident walkers” through age two. Parents can take great comfort knowing their child is receiving exceptional loving care in our toddler nursery. Our toddler nursery is equipped with the perfect mix of fine motor & gross motor toys as well as toys encouraging parallel play, cooperative play, and plenty of board books. Our adult to toddler ratio is 1:4 which enables each of our adult volunteers to build meaningful relationships with each child and his/her family. 
Children "graduate" to Sunday School classes for preschoolers in September if they are age two as of September 1.

EARLY CHILDHOOD // Age 2 - Pre-Kindergarten

We make Sunday morning a fun learning experience where kids are energized and fulfilled through Bible-based ministry. Our classes are designed to connect with kids through unique and relevant teaching methods including centers, music, and drama.

Ministry to each child comes to life through loving, trained volunteer Team Members who care deeply about helping each child grow in his or her faith. Our Team Members are committed to coming alongside your family to assist you in the spiritual formation of your child. A trained and dedicated teaching team brings Biblical truths to life each week in a hands-on multi-sensory approach to learning from God’s Word.

Early Childhood classes are available during both Worship Services at 9:00 a.m. & 10:45.

GRADE SCHOOL // Grades K - 5

At 9:00 AM, Kid's Celebration kicks off with vibrant worship. Trained teachers use creative teaching methods to present God's Biblical truth to elementary school-aged children in a relevant and engaging way.

After the large group teaching, the children break into small groups where the main thrust of the day's lesson is discussed. Small group shepherds help the children find tangible applications from God's Word to use in their everyday lives.

At 10:45 AM, children attending Kids Praise check in and join a color group that travels to three stations throughout the morning: Bible Boulevard (Bible Lesson), Memory Lane (Scripture Memory) & Creation Station (Learning Activity related to lesson).  Each station and color group are led by trained volunteer Team Members.

Both Kids Celebration and Kids Praise teach the same main idea from multiple angles.  We encourage parents to come to both services; stay for the main service during one hour & attend a class or serve the other hour.  Your kids will enjoy attending both services back to back. 

Faith at Home Events

Ever wish you could get to know other parents with kids the same age as yours? What about finding tools that are designed to help you connect with God as a family with the specific age of kids you have?

As part of the Family Challenge 2017, Kids Ministry would like to invite you to Faith at Home, an event where parents can get to know other parents and become equipped with age-appropriate tools to connect with God as a family. Faith at Home occurs on Sunday mornings during your children’s normal Sunday School class time! No extra nights out, no Saturday mornings, no time away from your families!

How this works logistically can be a bit confusing, so hang in there for a second.  Let's take the two-year-olds as an example. One Sunday per year, there will be no "drop off" Two's Classroom available either service. Instead, parents will stick with their two-year-old and go to a special room for Faith at Home, with all the other Two's and Two's parents.  All your other kids will have the normal programming available.  

Why don't we offer Faith at Home during one service and regular programming the other service? Some parents (I'm sure none of you!) might be tempted to skip the Faith at Home event altogether and drop their kids off at whichever service traditional programming is available. So, for one Sunday a year, there won't be kids programming available for that specific age group except for Faith at Home.

We've seen many parents connect with eachother and become better equipped to raise their kids to follow Jesus through Faith at Home. For a list of dates email Vince Pierri at




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