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The Greatest Story Ever Told

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Episode 1 Acoustic Video

Episode 3 Acoustic Video

Episode 3 Acoustic Video

Episode 1 Music Video

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"Every time we read a bible story now the kids are able to map it out out chronologically and how it fits into the greater story by singing the relevant lyrics. It's so cool." 

"After singing about Moses, Rebekah now wants to know even more about his story. On Monday (Aug 13) she started her bible reading plan of Genesis to Revelation. She wants to know more about the whole story...She's reading scripture through a whole new lens and with new excitement. I never anticipated that!" 

"We could share so many stories about it impacting our kids and other kids we know that watched or participated in the musical. But here's a funny one from Lily - she said: "Mommy did you know that Daddy's studying the epistles? That means he's almost done with the bible." 

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate this album. [my kids] have such a better big-picture framework of how the accounts fit together, who wrote them, and why. Every song is in a different style, so the different eras don't run together in their brains like they did in my head when I was a kid.”

"We bought the GSET CD when we were visiting family in August, and the kids took to the songs RIGHT AWAY. They take turns with the lyrics booklet in the car, and are learning all the words to the songs. They serenaded our bible study last week with the one about the post-David kings of Israel.”

"I wanted to say the new CD is absolutely amazing! We downloaded it from Apple Music and listened to it all the way through 3 times yesterday!! Even the little kids (almost 4) were super into it and singing along. The songs are so good and fun and deep spiritually. And can I just say....episode 11?!? Are you kidding me? Haha! Yes"

We are extremely impressed with the Greatest Story Ever Told. We want you to know that our children have memorized it already and we listen to it over and over. It is SO well done. I plan to purchase more CD's to send to our friends back home. We hope you will do more. It is a fabulous way to get God's word into the hearts of our children. We really enjoyed our visit to High Point and are working out the details being new to town still. Thank you for having us and blessing our family with your music.



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