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    Matthew Garcia's Testimony

    04.01.18 | Stories

    Growing up my family and I had suffered tremendous losses of family members including my older brother when I was just eleven years old. Throughout these events it left me angry and resentful of God, but that was before I knew Him. I felt alone...

      Benjamin Kurkowski's Testimony

      04.01.18 | Stories

      I grew up in a large family, and despite our size (or maybe because of it), I never felt truly known. This isolation left me feeling lonely and feeling not truly loved. In 7th grade, I decided to go to a Christian conference where I learned that...

        Britney Washington's Testimony

        04.01.18 | Stories

        My name is Britney Washington and I am a 23-year-old from Little Rock, AR, originally from Austin, TX. I am blessed to live here in Madison where I am pursing my PhD in Biomedical Engineering. I am grateful for my mom and sister, my family, and...

          Jie Gu's Testimony

          04.01.18 | Stories

          On a cold February Winter in 2014, I started on a journey that would lead me here today. I was making some breakfast in the apartment when my roommate casually asked if I was interested in checking out this local church he found. I agreed, and...

            Jeff Burge's Testimony

            04.01.18 | Stories

            It is slightly unusual that despite growing up in a Christian household and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior in my early childhood that I have not been baptized. I have had opportunities before and fully understand the call to and...

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