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    Juliana Van Eck's Testimony

    04.01.18 | Stories

    I was born and raised in Europe—in Slovakia. My family attended church only sporadically, but respected Christian values and morals. During my teenage years, as the pressures of our culture began to weigh on me more and more, my soul...

      Daniel Wanak's Testimony

      04.01.18 | Stories

      I was born into a Christian family. My parents would always explain parts of the Bible to me that I didn’t understand very well. I would picture the stories in my head. The first Bible story that I remember learning is the story of the...

        Josh Kok's Testimony

        04.01.18 | Stories

        My name is Josh Kok. I knew Jesus as my Savior from a very early age. My family was involved in our Church, my parents taught me spiritual disciplines like reading the Bible and prayer, and I continued to learn what it meant that Jesus died on...

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