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    Holly McKee's Story

    11.19.17 | Stories

    I grew up in Rockford, IL with two amazing, supportive parents who did not practice any religion but always pushed me to explore and make the decision of what I believed on my own. They did send me to Lutheran school throughout my education...

      Matthew Haak's Story

      11.19.17 | Stories

      Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Haak. I am a senior here at the university and I became a believer in January of this year. Before meeting Jesus I was overall pretty content with my life. I didn’t believe in anything but that wasn’t...

        Philip Cowles' Story

        11.19.17 | Stories

        I was about four years old when I decided I wanted to be a Christian. I can’t tell you a date, but I do remember what I understood and believed that day: there was a Creator who made the earth and all the things on it, including me, my...

          Liz Cavadini's Story

          11.19.17 | Stories

          I grew up in a loving home with both of my parents and my sister, and attended a private church-based school from k-12, but never really understood who God was or what a relationship with was, or that a relationship was even possible. A big part...

            Chris Cavadini's Testimony


            I grew up in a family and a community in rural Wisconsin where being Christian was just the norm. It was more-or-less assumed that most everyone went to church and wouldn’t really hesitate to call themselves a Christian. Not surprisingly...