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Addressing Allegations Against Former Youth Volunteer

03.26.15 | News | by Lisa Dahlager

    In the past day, multiple news stories were published about charges against Zachary Zahl. You can find those stories on NBC 15, WSAW 7 and WAOW 9.  

    Zach Zahl was a volunteer with our youth student ministries for a year and a half. He was removed from his volunteer role and asked not to contact any students earlier this year after the investigation and allegations in Wausau came to light. We have no reason to believe there was any improper conduct in our community at High Point Church.

    High Point Church has shared a letter with parents of youth students and we are handling questions in our congregation.

    We are saddened by the allegations and praying for the families involved.  

    These are the resources we gave to parents so they can be equipped to have conversations with their children.

    Executive Pastor, Lloyd Biddle and Youth Pastor, Derick Valencik are available to talk to anyone who may have questions or concerns. 

    For High Point Church members and attenders, you can view the email sent out to parents of teens in Student Ministries by clicking here and then logging into the HUB.