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Art Prompt: Dimensions of Service

06.06.16 | Ministries

    Be a part of our next sermon series, by creating art to communicate and express the truths that we'll be learning.

    Prompt: Dimensions of Service

    Christians are called to follow Jesus’s lead and to serve others. For some, service involves pulling weeds or helping at a soup kitchen; for others, service is mentoring a friend or reading books to children. What does service mean for you, and how is service important to our faith? What possibilities does service bring, and what underlies those anxieties or insecurities that inhibit our desire to serve?

    Art submissions are due by Sunday, July 31. Once you submit your art, we'll review it and let you know when you can bring it in. 


    Types of Art

    The gallery is intended to convey truth through the following mediums: 

    • Painting
    • Photography
    • Mixed media
    • Drawing
    • Sculpture

    All art must be wired to hang from a hook in a gallery. 

    If you're interested in using other art forms to communicate truth and to serve the church, contact Antonio Tang