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Chris Cavadini's Testimony


    I grew up in a family and a community in rural Wisconsin where being Christian was just the norm. It was more-or-less assumed that most everyone went to church and wouldn’t really hesitate to call themselves a Christian. Not surprisingly then, I attended a private Christian school from kindergarten through senior year where I consistently had courses on church history, some foundational truths of Christianity, and how to live life as a moral Christian. Despite this, I really had not the slightest clue of what the “Gospel” is. I had a great idea of certain “rules and regulations” of Christianity, the history of how ideas came to be, etc…but in the academic learning of it all, I never really understood why it mattered. Throughout most of my high school years I just tried to follow those rules and regulations – as I understood them – as best as I could to make me the best person that I could be. As anyone might imagine, this was pretty exhausting. Being a rule-follower for the sake of following rules frustrated me and wore me down. In a lot of ways, it made me want to punt on living the Christian life at all.

    It was not until Fall of 2013, my first semester at UW that I would say I finally “got it”. I attended a campus ministry’s fall retreat at the invitation of some new friends I had made. While there, I had the Gospel explained to me in a way that helped me realize how prone I am to fail, and yet how deeply Jesus loves me anyway. I began to understand how much Christ wanted me, and I couldn’t help but respond in gratitude and a willingness to serve Him.

    Since then, it has been a difficult yet maturing journey in allowing Christ to reshape the way that I think about myself and the world around me – sometimes difficult because of growing pains, and sometimes difficult because of my resistance to change. Nonetheless, I wanted to be baptized to publicly show that Jesus is King over my life and that I am committing my all to Him.