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Easter 2018 Baptism Testimonies

04.01.18 | Stories

    This Easter, fourteen people were baptized at High Point Church. Read more about the ways that God has worked in their lives!

    Josh Kok's Testimony

    "For the first time, I felt the truth that I had been suppressing: that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. I was not an illness, worthless, or broken. I was a son of God, made in His image, and infused with the Divine purpose to love and to serve in His name."

    Read the rest of Josh's testimony here.

    Daniel Wanak's Testimony

    "The more I learned about Christ, the more I believed in him. I accepted Christ three years ago during an amazing worship service at Fountain of Life church, where I felt really drawn to Christ. I wanted to have Jesus in my life."

    Read the rest of Daniel's testimony here.

    Juliana Van Eck's Testimony

    “Hearing and believing God’s truths, my soul found the anchor and purpose it craved. I was baptized in May 2001 as a 14-year-old by sprinkling.

    “I have been praying about being baptized again—by immersion—and the Holy Spirit convicted me of this while reading Romans 6:4 this fall. ‘We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.’”

    Read the rest of Juliana's testimony here.

    Pei-Shan Yen's Testimony

    “I no longer doubt why I exist because I recognize that I am loved by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

    Read the rest of Pei-Shan's testimony here.

    Josiah Finklea's Testimony

    “So here I am…looking forward to a new life with God at the center. A life with joy not depression, love not anger, and the power of life in Christ instead of being paralyzed in fear and darkness.”

    Read the rest of Josiah's testimony here.

    Sarah Mahair's Testimony

    “Being baptized on Easter reminds me of His death and life, just like when I go under the water shows that I am dead to my sins and was brought up out of the water to a new life… I am very excited to be baptized and know that Jesus Christ is my Savior!”

    Read the rest of Sarah's testimony here.

    Hailey Stude's Testimony

    “I know I’ll never be perfect, but I want people to see Jesus in me. Now that I know Jesus, I can accept how I look and the things he gave me because he knows best and he loves me.”

    Read the rest of Hailey's testimony here.

    Grant Gunderson's Testimony

    “For so long I felt that I would fail at whatever God asked of me. I felt weak. And I was right, I would. But not with Christ, He is my strength!”

    Read the rest of Grant's testimony here.

    Jeff Burge's Testimony

    “…In part due to this thinking, I have often failed to focus on and appreciate the true nature of the Gospel message. Jesus came to earth to die for us and save us because of our repetitive failures. And despite these failures, repentance and baptism are steps that put me in a place to stand strong as I have received the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

    Read the rest of Jeff's testimony here.

    Jie Gu's Testimony

    “It was hard to lay my problems and weaknesses at the feet of our Lord, but it got a little easier. It was hard to pray and to trust in prayer, but I do it more. It was hard to understand what God’s love for me means, but I’m striving to learn.”

    Read the rest of Jie's testimony here.

    Britney Washington's Testimony

    “For years I was living my own life, but not a God-led life. There in that hospital room I was finally able to distinguish the angels from the snakes, the light from the dark, and what it meant to live rather than to die.”

    Read the rest of Britney's testimony here.

    Benjamin Kurkowski's Testimony

    “All my life I have been looking for a relationship that's truly ‘intimate’. Through Christ, I found a relationship that couldn't be closer.”

    Read the rest of Ben's testimony here.

    Matt Garcia's Testimony

    “Finally I was able to raise my hand up towards the sky and I cried out ‘Jesus Christ, if you are my Lord and Savior, please help me.’ Suddenly, a hand reached out to mine and I knew it was God.”

    Read the rest of Matt's testimony here.

    Lindsay Douma's Testimony

    “I liked the church, but felt like a fraud since I hadn’t followed God for many years… Now, I look to Jesus instead of myself. I ask for forgiveness rather than continuously feeling guilty about my sins… I give myself to Him, the most loving Father anyone could ask for.”

    Read the rest of Lindsay's testimony here.