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Entrusted Sermon Series + Backyard BBQ

08.02.18 | News

    We're kicking off the fall on September 9 with the Entrusted sermon series and the annual HPC Backyard BBQ!

    ENTRUSTED: Living a life of stewardship. Starting September 9.

    What does it mean that God has entrusted us with his creation? What does it mean that he has made us to be stewards?

    Being a steward means that we understand that God owns everything, and everything that is in our hands is under our authority—it's an understanding that our lives are in the service of God, his kingdom, and his purposes. Hebrews even says that the great perfection of Jesus can be summed up in that he was a "perfect steward over all God's house"—even better than Moses.

    Much of the anxiety and depression, and other psychological and social ills we suffer come from a fundamental misunderstanding of who we are—our identity in Christ, including our identity in is Christ as stewards.

    Starting September 9, we'll look at what it means be entrusted with the role of steward—and we'll take steps together to live lives of stewardship.


    Kick off the fall and support the youth ministry with High Point Church's annual Backyard BBQ! Join us on September 9 in the Micah Center and back patio. Enjoy HPC's famous pulled pork + baked potato, along with fun games and fellowship with friends and family. The BBQ is $7 per person with a maximum of $35 per family. Hot dogs and custard will also be available!