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Grant Gunderson's Testimony

04.01.18 | Stories

    To say that God blessed my childhood, I would call an understatement. Not because I had all the latest toys or hottest clothes, because I didn’t. My family didn’t have a lot of money, though God did provide for us more than what we needed. We were comfortable. With every year I get older God reveals to me more of the hidden blessings from my childhood. The biggest blessings are my parents. A mother that showed me the grace of the Holy Spirit, and a father who gave so much to emulate his Heavenly Father. Just those two things made me the wealthiest kid on the block.

    Because of the Holy Spirit’s work through my parents, I made a decision to follow Christ as a young child. I understood that I was separated from God and the only way to have a relationship with Him was though the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although I was given that wisdom very young, I was still VERY immature; spiritually, mentally, and physically. I wish I could say that making that decision made life easier. On the contrary, my life underwent a bombardment of temptations. Many of which I gave into, for many years struggled with, and to this day am chased by. Through Christ, I have the strength to stay ahead of them and one day will be completely free. I know they won’t the last, and I do not fear them. Because I know that Christ stands with me!

    Which leads to why I want to get baptized. For so long I have procrastinated, and felt embarrassed for not having done it already. I have dawdled in my obedience to God. To me, baptism was the the last step out the door. The last thing before I could pick up my cross. Because of the blessings that I have been given I know that much will be asked. For so long I felt that I would fail at whatever God asked of me. I felt weak. And I was right, I would. But not with Christ, He is my strength! It’s time I pick up my cross.