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Josiah Finklea's Testimony

04.01.18 | Stories

    My name is Josiah Finklea, and I was raised in a Christian family that was very involved in church. When I was young I loved God, but never truly followed His ways. As I got older I went my own way, leaving God in the dust.

    I started focusing on dark things, which left me angry and eventually depressed. I was caught in a cycle of anger and depression that swirled around me. My family was caught in my cyclone of ugliness. I lived a double life, being outgoing and kind at church, while at home being my family’s worst nightmare. My parents gave me many chances to change, but I always threw it back in their faces. This carried on for many years.

    About a year ago I started following God, but after a while I started spending less and less time with God, and more and more time with my iPad. Once again, I poured negative things into my life and became angry and depressed.

    Recently my mother confronted me, telling me I was living a lie and that I was going to go to Hell. I realized something—she was right! After that Pastor Nic preached a sermon that was hitting me like a bat hitting a ball. I knew my heart was ugly and self-centered and I was far from God. I knew I would be roasting in Hell if I didn’t change. I knew I needed to make a serious change, because the negative things in my life were controlling me. Jesus needed to be the LORD of my life!

    So here I am. I have turned from darkness to God’s truth. I gave my iPad to my parents (my mother took great joy rendering it inoperable), and I am seeking positive input while looking forward to a new life with God at the center. A life with joy not depression, love not anger, and the power of life in Christ instead of being paralyzed in fear and darkness.