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Matthew Haak's Story

11.19.17 | Stories

    Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Haak. I am a senior here at the university and I became a believer in January of this year. Before meeting Jesus I was overall pretty content with my life. I didn’t believe in anything but that wasn’t an issue for me. I was completely comfortable having fun in everything I did while looking forward to making a lot of money in the business world. Sure, there was no real meaning to any of that but I was fine to live in that relative meaning and relative enjoyment throughout my life.

    Initially, I was completely set on the idea that there was absolutely nothing, no God and no meaning, life was just a wonderfully coincidence. However, while I was happy to belittle believers for having no ‘evidence’ to support their beliefs, I realized that I did not really have any evidence to support mine. At that point I started being curious about the ways that people answered life’s greatest questions, always thinking that it was ridiculous for anyone to assert that they had knowledge of an absolute truth.

    Things really began to matter when it came to belief when I met a wonderfully firm believer who had Christ very near to her heart. Before meeting her, I thought it was ridiculous for people to live their life by any set of beliefs, I saw my religion only as a topic of study, nothing more, but here was someone who clearly had something that I did not, and that really bothered me. I loved asking her questions, she answered from a perspective of certainty and joy that just didn’t make any sense to me. Of course, I mostly thought she was closed-minded about it and frankly a little bit crazy, so naturally I started to fall in love with her, but, though I didn’t know it, I was truly falling in love with what she had that I didn’t, even though I had no idea what that something was. After a while I started to realize that what she had had something to do with God, I knew that much, so I started reading her Bible while she wasn’t in the room and asking more questions as casually as I could. Eventually that desire grew stronger, but I started trying to get to God through her, which of course wasn’t going to work out, at which point we parted ways.

    At that point I wasn’t going to waste any time, I was going to examine the evidence for myself and see what the deal was with this whole “Jesus” business. So I read, I read countless articles about atheists becoming Christians. As I read and I read I became obsessed and I realized that if I cared this much about something then on some level I must believe it. Suddenly I was looking at everything with new eyes, it all made sense, creation, my sinful condition, my need for a savior, God himself coming to pay the price. Everything that I ever wanted to be true even though I didn’t know it really was true.

    After that night I ran wild with my newfound treasure, I found some community with people who were working with Cru in Bologna, I was studying abroad at the time, and not two weeks after accepting Christ, I was on the streets of Bologna sharing my faith. Getting to know God has since been a great adventure, I loved reading the Bible and listening to sermons all the time. In my mind there was nothing more important, nothing more practical, nothing more interesting and nothing more fun. It has been an adventure getting to know God throughout this year. Suddenly everything matters, you see people as creations of God and not genetic coincidences, things that I do can finally make a difference and can even last forever. I’ve realized that before I never truly dared to dream, I probably still don’t know how to, but “impossible” has gone out the window.

    I am unexplainably excited for what lies ahead in my walk with God, even though I have no idea where it is leading me. Life has purpose, life has hope, and there are a lot of people living without either of those things. I can’t wait to tell the world of the treasure I’ve found.