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Prayer is a means for us to praise God, to know Him, and be changed by Him.

How can we pray for you?


Join us at High Point in room 152 (the prayer room), Wednesdays at 6:45pm for prayer and worship.

Why are you meeting for prayer, anyway?
Prayer is a simple and effective way for us to connect with God. Our time on Wednesday nights gives us a chance to pray about the stuff that's on our minds, and it lets us pray with others for our church, our city, and the world.
Why do you sing before praying? 
We sing worship songs to gain perspective on who God is, give Him praise, and focus our hearts and minds before we pray.
Will I have to pray out loud? 
No. Feel free to pray in whatever way is comfortable for you.
What if I'm running late or need to leave early? 
No problem - we meet in the prayer room (room 152), so it's easy to slip in and out. Come for as long as you'd like and leave whenever you need to.