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In light of upcoming changes to county orders governing public gatherings and mask mandates, we are adjusting our procedures, effective June 2.


  • Starting June 6, we will no longer have capacity limits for services and will therefore no longer require people to sign up online for services.
  • We will no longer offer the gym venue during either service.
  • Masks are no longer required, only recommended by the CDC for those who have not been vaccinated.
  • For those who would still prefer to sit where social distancing and masks are required, we will reserve three designated sections in the sanctuary: the left and right sides of the balcony and the back third of the right-middle section on the main floor (looking at the stage). Please be aware of and follow the guidance of the signs in these particular sections. As time goes on, we will evaluate the need for these sections as more people return to services in-person and adjust accordingly.
    • Our goal is for someone who wishes to maintain social distancing to be able to attend our services in a way they consider safe.
    • Please assume that those who wear masks are maintaining a social distancing regime until they inform you otherwise.
  • We will continue having an outdoor lobby through the summer. When we face poor weather conditions, food and beverages will be served inside the staff/prayer room after services only. The regular indoor lobby may be used like normal for people to mingle before and after services.
  • We will continue live-streaming our 9am service, and for the time being, we'll keep our 2nd services at 11am.
  • We will no longer be cleaning or sanitizing high-touch surfaces. The current cleaning team volunteers will no longer be needed in this area of service.


  • People who wish to meet at HPC should contact Kelli ( ) to schedule a space per normal procedure.
  • People who are not vaccinated are not required to wear face masks while inside the HPC building during the week, but CDC guidance encourages it.
  • We will not be scheduling the Micah Center during school hours (roughly 7:30am - 3:30pm, M-F) for dates after August 6 until we know what the school requirements will be for the Fall.


  • Given that all restrictions will be lifted on June 2, small groups may determine how they would like to continue meeting over the summer. We encourage groups to meet in person rather than virtually when possible, but ultimately this decision is left up to the leaders and their group.
  • Micah Center rooms are still available for groups to reserve if any would prefer to meet in a larger space. Please contact Nellie at if you would like to do so.
  • Please don't hesitate to reach out to Erin at if you have questions or concerns about your group and how you will continue meeting together over the summer.


The same guidelines that apply to our general congregation will apply to our youth over the age of 12 and the adults working with them: masks are no longer required, only recommended by the CDC for those who have not been vaccinated.


(We have read official recommendations and consulted HPC medical professionals, and we are still deliberating how quickly we can move to non-mask status for volunteers, which is important for children.)

What will remain the same:
  • Our current Wellness policy, found here, remains in effect. Children showing any symptoms that may be COVID-19 should remain at home. Children who test positive for COVID-19 should follow current CDC and Dane County Department of Health guidelines for quarantine. (Remember, there is an inherent risk in being together regardless of the presence of COVID.)
  • All KidsMin volunteers serving in classrooms and nurseries will be masked, regardless of vaccination status. We will revisit this policy each month, and we feel we need time to consider it further.
  • Cleaning practices will remain the same within KidsMin spaces, including hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer.
  • While distancing will not be possible for all activities, we will continue maintaining it as much as is reasonable for the age of the children.
  • Grade School classes will continue in the Micah Center for the reminder of the summer.
What is changing:
  • Signing up before Sunday is no longer required. HOWEVER, our classrooms do have capacity limits based on size and safe staffing. If a classroom fills to the room capacity, it will be closed. This does include the nurseries. If a classroom is full based on staffing, a parent may be asked to stay in the classroom and serve to keep our adult-to-child ratios within the required limits. If adequate staffing or step-in volunteers aren't available, the classroom will be considered full and closed for the service. Our current classroom capacity limits are as follows: Infant Nursery: 6 / Toddler Nursery: 12 / Twos, Threes, and Fours Classes: 15 / Grade School: 25
  • The New Guest Check-in station will return to the main lobby. At this time, there will continue to be a self check-in station and a manned check-in station in the KidsMin wing of the building by the school entrance for both new guests and those not comfortable with self check-in. For the summer, a self check-in station will be available near the art room by Micah A.
  • It is up to the parents to decide if their children will be masked. Current CDC masking recommendations along with those of Dept of Public Health and Public Instruction for children under the age of 12 will be sent out to families by the Director of Kids Ministry.
  • One-way traffic in hallways will no longer be observed.
  • Temperature checks of KidsMin volunteers will cease. We will ask our volunteers to monitor their own health and symptoms similar to a workplace and/or school setting.
  • Nursery is available during both services. Our Early Childhood Ministry will reopen for 2nd service beginning July 11. Our Grade School Ministry will reopen for 2nd service in early August.

This list may not be exhaustive, but we will continue to update this page with any changes. Thank you for your patience!


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