This fall, we’re exploring what it means to be the body of Christ
in times of uncertainty, isolation, polarization,
emotional burnout, and structural breakdown.

Keep reading to see how to we're taking steps towards cultivating persevering resilience this fall. Through it all, we are committed to staying safe and respecting individual comfort levels. 

Need to look at this visually? Check our events calendar.



As we head into the fall, people travel less and college students come back to campus—which means more people attending HPC. To accommodate our growing in-person congregation, we are excited to announce we are adding a second service! This new service will start at 11am and will be in-person only, not live streamed, and it will not have an Ask Me Anything portion after the service. The 9am service will stay as is—both in-person and live streamed. Sign-ups will be required for both services, and masks must be worn at both.
For those who serve on the virtual teams (virtual prayer, chat, AMA question gathering, etc.), you only need to serve during the 9am service.



KidsMin is reopening for infants through fifth graders starting September 13! This will be offered during our 9am service ONLY. Our KidsMin team has been working hard to get everything ready for a safe return. Kids age 5 and up will be socially-distanced and masked in classrooms, and all volunteers will be masked and temperature-checked. There are capacity requirements for each grade level and age group, so children do need to sign up online before each service.
KidsMin will still have an online option for those who don’t come in-person. Online and in-person will cover the same material, so if you’re online one week and in-person the next, you won’t be doing different things.



How else can we “be the body” right now in this time of separation? We encourage you to continue watching the sermon on Sundays gathered together—either in person at the church building, with one another at someone’s house, or virtually watching on your own from home while others are watching as well. But what if you’re missing those connections made on a Sunday morning in the lobby or after church over lunch?


Spend an hour in someone’s yard or driveway on Sundays after the service, taking time to casually hang out, get caught up on each other’s lives, and pray together. Coffee Hour will happen through the Fall Series starting Sunday, September 20 through Sunday, October 18.
If you are in a small group, your leaders will initiate the conversation of when and where to do Coffee Hours if they choose to have one. 
If you want to attend a Coffee Hour but your small group isn’t hosting one (or you're not part of a small group), sign up here—some people who are already in a small group may choose to attend a Coffee Hour outside of their normal group because of their comfortability or convictions around COVID. 


1st and 3rd Saturday, every month at 7pm.

This is a season that has a lot of people running low on fuel or feeling empty. At High Point, we want to create a space where people can willingly empty themselves before God to worship Him fully. Starting September 5, we will be hosting worship nights on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month! These will start at 7pm on the HPC East Lawn. Please sign up here to attend. We’ll have a few bonfires to sit around, but please bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on. There is not an attendance limit since this is a worship service. We'll stay safe and respect individual convictions, but come ready to enjoy being together and worshiping God together.


Same meal, same cause. 

Every year, High Point holds a Backyard BBQ—we eat pulled pork and raise funds for our Student Ministries. This year, on Sunday, September 13, we're going to eat the same meal and raise funds for the same cause
Here's how it's going to work: at 11am and 12:30pm, various households throughout the Madison area are opening up their yards for up to 25 people. Together, you're going to share our classic pulled pork and potato meal. If you have people in your life who aren't a part of High Point Church, this has historically been a great foot in the door and it can still be that this year. 
All you have to do is sign up for a house near you by Thursday, September 10 and pay online so we can keep it as contactless as possible! Please be sure to sign up anyone who comes even if they are not eating, as we want to observe the Dane County Health Department Guidelines. Recommended donation is $7 per person, with a maximum of $35 per family. Bring your own drinks and lawn chairs. We'll see you there! If you are interested in being a host, please contact Terri Stakston at .
Finally, we want everyone to be able to come to this event. If you believe it would be financially irresponsible to contribute the suggested amount, sign up without leaving a donation. If you are uncomfortable attending an in-person gathering at this time, you can donate to Student Ministries in the sign-up. Also, hosts will not be offering alternative meals, but you are welcome to bring your own and enjoy gathering together as a church family!


Back by popular demand.

Growth Classes are one of our main ways to grow in knowledge of the Bible and understanding of the gospel. We are excited to continue offering our Transforming Bible Study class virtually on Sundays at 10:45am, and we have a new round of HP101: Membership in the Local Church starting September 20!
Finally, if you are interested in joining a future offering of Almost Engaged, Engaged, and Newly Married, you can sign up here or learn more here.