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The Engage & Equip podcast is a resource designed to help form substantive disciples for the local church. You'll find a wide variety of topics to take your growth beyond Sunday sermons and into your daily life.


If you have any questions about what you hear, want to give us some feedback, or have ideas for new episodes, send us an email at . We love to hear from you, and we'll get back as soon as we can!


#66: The Craft of Ministry

Being a part of the local church involves more than just coming to church on Sundays—take a listen as Erin Hesse and Nic Gibson talk about what it means to do the craft of ministry.

#65: Jesus and the Disinherited—Love

Dheeraj Charles (Pastoral Intern) interviews pastors Lloyd Biddle and Nic Gibson about Howard Thurman's book, Jesus and the Disinherited. In this episode, they talk about the chapter on Love—discussing common barriers to loving each other across cultural lines, and about how in Jesus those barriers are overcome.

#64: The Heart of Ministry

Connections Coordinator Erin Hesse and Lead Pastor Nic Gibson talk about the heart of ministry—why it's important to have your heart in the right place, and what kind of activity can produce that heart in us as we follow and love Jesus.

#63: Jesus and the Disinherited—Deception

In this episode of the Engage & Equip Podcast, pastors Lloyd Biddle and Nic Gibson talk about a book written by Howard Thurman, Jesus and the Disinherited. Specifically, they're going to talk about the disinherited's tendency toward deception, and how that same dynamic can affect us today.

#62: From Slavery to Freedom—responding to Sunday's message

In Pastor Nic's sermon this Sunday, he talked some about how God views slavery in the Old Testament. This episode is a repost of a sermon from March 31, 2013, talking more about slavery in the Old Testament and how God leads us from slavery to freedom.

#61: God is 82 to 1 for Joy

In this sermon excerpt, Pastor Nic explains how when you look at the Old Testament festival calendar, you learn that God is all about joy—at a ratio of 82 to 1.

#60: How Does It End?

This podcast is a recording of a recent seminar done by Pastor Nic Gibson, called How Does It End? In this seminar, Pastor Nic discusses perspectives on the end times and why knowing about the end times passages in the Bible matters to Christians today.

#59: Sexual Addictions: Interview with Matt Krieg

Pastor Nic Gibson and Pastor Vince Pierri interview Matt Krieg, a counselor with Caring Well Ministries. Listen as they discuss how to care well for Christian friends with sexual and pornography addictions.

#58: Same - Sex Attraction and the Church: Interview with Laurie Krieg

Pastor Nic Gibson interviews Laurie Krieg, director of Hole in My Heart Ministries. Listen as they discuss same-sex attraction and the church.

#57: Fascism in Today's American Culture: Interview with Dr Stanley Payne

Pastor Nic Gibson interviews expert historian of fascism, Dr Stanley Payne. Listen as they discuss fascism in the past, as well as its implications for our American culture today.