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High Point Church has a group known as DiRT, or the Disaster Response Team. HPC’s DiRT team partners with Samaritan's Purse to help bring relief to victims of natural disasters around the country. 

DiRT looks for volunteers from the body at High Point Church to send out to areas in need of disaster relief from floods, tornados, or other natural disasters. Once the HPC team is assembled, we travel to the disaster site and link up with Samaritan’s Purse. Think of a DiRT trip as a short-term mission trip. (Typically, a DiRT team is sent out on Sunday afternoon and then returns the following Friday evening or Saturday morning, depending on the distance traveled. So, a five-day trip, plus travel time.)

High Point Church pays for transportation to and from the disaster site and Samaritan’s Purse pays for all the food and lodging while on site. Each disaster site has its own needs, but there are three primary tasks we do, with one task needed per site trip:

1.  Tree trimming, branch removal, and roof tarping. This work is generally performed close
after a disaster and involves hauling scattered brush off the property and placing protective
coverings over roofs.
2.  Mud-outs. This is about 75% or 80% of the work that is needed. This work involves the removal
of damaged items from homes following a disaster.
3.  Rebuilding. As it sounds, rebuilding homes is where we work alongside people who are
skilled in home building/rebuilding. Or perhaps you have some skills in this area? You don’t
need to be anything close to a master framer or carpenter. Samaritan’s Purse will provide
some training on-site.

Once on site, leadership and training are provided by Samaritan's Purse. They also provide all needed tools and supplies. All skill levels are welcome, but workers should have a servant’s heart and be healthy and able-bodied.

Are you up for a short-term mission trip to help disaster victims?


If you are interested in participating in a disaster relief mission through HPC’s DiRT program, email the DiRT coordinator, Greg DiMiceli.