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High Point Church helps support over 30 missionary singles and couples around the world. That's a huge number of missionaries for a congregation our size, and a testament to the fact that missions are an important part of our ministry as a church.



Our missionaries are an extension of High Point, serving everywhere from our local UW-Madison campus to "closed countries" and hostile areas. Each of them works to make a difference in the lives of people around them. There are multiple ways for you to get involved and support them.

Sign up for weekly prayer requests from our missionaries and other High Point people on the HUB.


You can give to the general High Point fund, since our budget includes funding for missionaries. You can also donate directly to the Global Missions Discretionary Fund. This fund goes towards:

  • Emergency needs of supported missionaries
  • Special one-time needs for missionaries
  • Support for High Point people going on short-term mission trips
  • Special projects that extend the Gospel throughout the world

You can give to this fund by checking "Global Missions Discretionary Fund" when you donate online or indicating the same on your check's memo line. Contact Mark Finley to get info about supporting a specific missionary.


Are you interested in missions? No matter your age or gifting, consider supporting High Point's missionaries as part of the Global Missions Team (GMT). The GMT is responsible for managing the financial and spiritual support of our missionaries, leading the congregation to know more about what God is doing in the world, and sets up short-term mission trips for HPC. Contact Mark Finley with questions about helping on the team or behind the scenes.



The HPC Refugee Ministry is partnering with Samaritan’s Purse to sponsor an Afghan refugee family being placed in Madison. The family’s expected arrival is February 21. Our congregation is invited to help furnish their apartment. There are 2 registries; one at Target and one on Amazon. Every item on the registries is a needed item. Thank you for your generosity. No sofas, chairs, or beds are needed.

Items can be dropped off at High Point Church on Sunday, February 13 or 20, and given to Dietrich Gruen in the lobby.
Items shipping from the registries are preset to go to Kathleen’s home.

We are also in need of sewists! Email Kathleen Schrader for more information on the needs that we have. 

On behalf of the Refugee Resettlement Ministry team and this family: Thank you for your loving kindness and generosity. 

Our Registries:

Not on our Registries: 

Click here to find out what is needed, but not on a registry.

Our Refugee Resettlement ministry has opportunities to join the local resettlement organization in Madison to help provide transportation for new arrivals to appointments. Other opportunities to volunteer are also available. If you would like more information or have any questions on how you can serve refugees in Madison, contact Alison Hlathein at .


The Refugee Resettlement ministry has seen the need in the Madison area to help immigrants prepare to become United States citizens. We are holding a Citizenship Test Preparation Class in the spring of 2022. You can view the syllabus here.

What students will learn:

    • The Naturalization interview process
    • The application for Naturalization (Form N-400)
    • U.S. History and civics
    • English speaking, reading, and writing requirements

If you have any questions, email Jim Bria at .