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June 30 2024 Child Dedications

June 30, 2024 9:00am

Sign up for our upcoming child dedications! They will be taking place on June 30, 2024, during the services. The parent's meetings will be on June 16 and 23 during second service, so please sign up by June 16You can also sign up at any time and we'll work with you to find another date.

At High Point Church, we don’t baptize children who can’t recognize their need for repentance and express their faith in Christ’s death and resurrection (Romans 10:9). Instead, we do child dedications, where parents dedicate their child to the Lord and say a prayer in front of the congregation, promising to the best of their ability to raise their child to follow Jesus. Sign up to dedicate your child during Sunday services!

To find out more, go to highpointchurch.org/childdedication.

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