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Tour of Madison

September 5, 2022 1:00pm

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Join us this fall! Over 1,000 new international students and scholars will arrive this fall semester on the UW-Madison campus. They come from 110 different countries (some from closed countries) and are some of the brightest students and scholars in the world. The world has come to our doorstep!

Every year, the Madison International Student Ministry Team sponsors "The Tour of Madison" for newly arriving international students and scholars. Individuals in High Point have helped for a number of years. The Tour involves people willing to drive their cars for a two-hour Tour of Madison, following a written tour guide script (which we provide) read by a reader (the reader can be a friend, spouse, or older child). At the end of the Tour, we meet in a reception home for snacks and conversation.  

Here is how you can be a part:

  1. Be a driver.

  2. Be a reader (can be older children of drivers also).

  3. Sign-up for providing snack food to the host home(s).

  4. Sign-up to be a reception home.

  5. Be a registration assistant on the day of the Tour of Madison to check in and out volunteers and internationals.

  6. Join in promoting the Tour of Madison during late August and early September to internationals (contact Kyler directly at email below).

You can join by registering at www.badgerinternationals.com (or by clicking the button below).
The sign-up deadline is August 22, 2022

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If you would like to see the student sign-ups by country, year, etc. click here to go to the enrollment statistics page. 

Contact Kyler Westerfeldt for more information or questions that you may have.

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