Truth Pillars

What's the album all about?

Back in 2016, a group of third through fifth graders were in KidsMin and the teacher asked a question. Does every person go to heaven no matter what? More than half of the room all in unison said yes. In that moment, we realized we had to talk through what the Bible teaches about salvation, that belief in Jesus is the only way that someone goes to heaven. We had a lack of common language. We teach Bible stories, but there aren’t common phrases and language tying those different Bible stories together teaching kids the core truths of Christianity.

In 2017, through a partnership with another church, through talk with the Kids Ministry leadership team and Kids Ministry staff, we came up with the Truth Pillars. Our hope is that through the repetition of hearing these truths at church and at home, our kids will hear these phrases multiple times throughout the year, year after year, over and over and over again. Our desire is that this partnership between church and home will solidify in the heads and hearts of our kids these 12 truths and their accompanying scripture.

For every Truth Pillar, there's a song to support it. The chorus contains the words of the Truth Pillar and the ‘verses’ have Bible verses which support that main idea.

Truth Pillar 1: The Bible is clear to say…Jesus is the only way
I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me. John 14:6  
Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Acts 2:21

Let us know if you have any questions and share your stories of how God is using these truths in your home. We’re excited to see all that God does here in our church to solidy Truth in our kids’ hearts!

Listen to the album below

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Click here to download an album of just the choruses. This is perfect for toddlers!

TRACK 1: The Bible is clear to say... Jesus is the only way

    Track 1. SALVATION: The Bible Is Clear to Say...Jesus Is the Only Way


TRACK 2: Identity in Christ: God made me...and loves me

     Track 2. IDENTITY IN CHRIST: God Made Me... And Loves Me Totally

TRACK 3: Growing relationship with Jesus: Jesus is my king and my friend...On him I can depend

     Track 3. GROWING RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS: Jesus Is My King and My Friend...On Him I Can Depend

TRACK 4: The Bible: God's word is true...I can trust it through and through

    Track 4. THE BIBLE: God's Word Is True...I Can Trust It Through and Through

TRACK 5: Prayer: No matter where or when I pray.. God hears every word I say

    Track 5. PRAYER: No Matter Where Or When I Pray...God Hears Every Word I say

TRACK 6: The Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit lives inside... To empower, change, and guide

    Track 6. THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Holy Spirit Lives Inside...To Empower, Change and Guide

TRACK 7: Worship: All of my story... is all for his glory

    Track 7. WORSHIP: All Of My Story...Is All For His Glory

TRACK 8: The Church: God says it's always better... When his family works together

    Track 8. THE CHURCH: God Says It's Always Better...When His Family Works Together

TRACK 9: Relationships: Jesus gave his love to me... So I will love others equally

    Track 9. RELATIONSHIPS: Jesus Gave His Love to Me...So I Will Love Others Equally

TRACK 10: Stewardship: All I have he gave to me.. So I will use it faithfully

    Track 10. STEWARDSHIP: All I Have He Gave To Me...So I Will Use It Faithfully 

TRACK 11: Purpose: God has a plan for me.. To impact the world for eternity

    Track 11. PURPOSE: God has a plan for me...To Impact the World For Eternity

TRACK 12: Evangelism: Jesus saved me from my sin... So I'll help others to find him

    Track 12. EVANGELISM: Jesus Saved Me From My Sin...So I'll Help Others to Find Him


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