The Engage & Equip podcast is a resource designed to help form substantive disciples for the local church. You'll find a wide variety of topics to take your growth beyond Sunday sermons and into your daily life.


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#95: Holiness Whether Single or Married [Touchy Issues 3]

This week, Pastor Lloyd talks through pursuing holiness both in singleness and marriage.

#94: Wickedness, Judgment, and Redemption [Touchy Issues 2]

In this sermon from the 2012 sermon series, Touchy Issues, Nic talks about wickedness, judgment, and redemption.

#93: The Body and Moral Freedom [Touchy Issues 1]

In this sermon from 2012, Nic talks about issues of the body and our moral freedom.

#92: Oaks of Righteousness in a World of Vapor [No Regrets 2]

Nic talks about how we can become oaks of righteousness in a world of vapor.

#91: Becoming a Man of Influence [No Regrets 1]

Mike Beresford talks about being a man of influence at the recent No Regret's Men's conference.

#90: Sexual Orientations and the Church

This podcast is a repost of Nic's sermon on 11/30/14 on sexual orientations and the church—but it's just as relevant today as it was four and a half years ago.

#89: The Jealousy of God

Nic, Jill, and John talk about the jealousy of God—and how understanding it can help us see his love for us.

#88: A Tool for the Next Step [Engage & Equip: LIVE]

What step can you take next in your discipleship and mentoring relationships? Nic talks about how knowing how you balance devotion, doctrine, and action will change how you lead.

#87: What is Blessing?

What is blessing? What should we do when God blesses us? Nic and Erin talk about that.

#86: The Waters In Which We Swim—The Tolerance Narrative

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