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The Engage & Equip podcast is a resource designed to help form substantive disciples for the local church. You'll find a wide variety of topics to take your growth beyond Sunday sermons and into your daily life.


If you have any questions about what you hear, want to give us some feedback, or have ideas for new episodes, send us an email at . We love to hear from you, and we'll get back as soon as we can!


#108: Raising Purity [Sexuality Everywhere 9]

Tom Flaherty, Alice Flaherty, and Alexi Gibson talk about how to raise children for sexual faithfulness.

#107: The Dynamics of Married Sexuality [Sexuality Everywhere 8]

Mike and Estel Beresford discuss some of the predictable dynamics of married sexuality—and how we can embrace Christ in them.

#106: What sexual practices am I free in Christ to enjoy? [Sexuality Everywhere 7]

Adam and Nic tackle the question: what sexual practices am I free in Christ to enjoy?

#105: Boundaries [Sexuality Everywhere 6]

Glenn and Vickie Smith discuss practical advice for avoiding sexual entanglements.

#104: Love in the Vice [Sexuality Everywhere 5]

How can we extend gospel-centered love to our LGBT neighbors? Pastor Nic tackles this question in the recent Sexuality Everywhere Conference.

#103: Teens: Jesus Knows More [Sexuality Everywhere 4]

Luke Zeka, Vince Pierri, and Niccole Khail talk to teens about how Jesus knows more about sex and sexuality than your friends or the internet.

#102: Bonding [Sexuality Everywhere 3]

Father Gregory walks us through questions surrounding bonding at the recent Sexuality Everywhere conference.

#101: Session 1 Q+A [Sexuality Everywhere 2]

Nic and Adam answer audience questions about sexuality at the Sexuality Everywhere conference.

#100: The Story of Sex [Sexuality Everywhere 1]

In the first plenary of Sexuality Everywhere, Adam Mabry walks us through the story of sex.

#99: Headship and Authority [Touchy Issues 7]

In the final episode of the Touchy Issues series, Nic covers the issue of headship and authority.

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