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Nic and Niccole cover your AMA questions.

Questions covered in this episode:

00:34 — A discussion on tier 3 leaders
06:55 — What are the "unrepresentable parts" in the church? (1 Corinthians 12:22-24)
16:42 — Should we give people consequences or let "natural consequences" happen?
18:48 — Should Christians be opposed to the death penalty?
30:26 — Is it condemnation to have condemning thoughts toward a person without sharing them with that person?
32:27 — Are we complicit in the failure of leaders who we put on pedestals and give accolades?
38:48 — What are the pitfalls of perfectionism?
50:03 — Numbers 12 is a passage used for why we should never criticize a leader. What should we do if a leader is in error?
57:16 — How does meekness apply to the right to bear arms?
1:02:41 — How does God's sovereignty work?
1:11:57 — How do you respond to somebody who believes they're saved but doesn't believe they need a relationship with God?
1:15:40 — How can I become closer to God?

E&E #282

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#282: Ask Me Anything // Unbrandable Part Four

November 4, 2021

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