The Engage & Equip podcast is a resource designed to help form substantive disciples for the local church. You'll find a wide variety of topics to take your growth beyond Sunday sermons and into your daily life.


Escaping Babel is a series about escaping cultural captivity with gospel truth.

Episodes #73, 76, 78, 80, and 81 talk about dating and relationships.

Episodes #134 – 136 provide a foundation on spiritual friendships, while episodes #138, 139, and 141 give insight into real friendships that model spiritual friendships in different ways.

You can find the handout on advice for young women and men here.

Sometimes our pastors don't get to all the content they want to in a 50-minute sermon. In the Cutting Room Floor, you'll hear a discussion on the stuff they missed.

Latest Cutting Room Floor episode: #154

We've been going through the book of Ephesians this year, and every month you'll hear a discussion on the last month of sermons to help you digest the content you've been listening to on Sunday mornings.

Introduction: Episode #118
May: Episode #120
June: Episode #125
July: Episode #130
August: Episode #137
September: Episode #142
October: Episode #150
November: Episode #155


If you have any questions about what you hear, want to give us some feedback, or have ideas for new episodes, send us an email at . We love to hear from you, and we'll get back as soon as we can!


#159: Intro to Flourishing in the Midst of Opposition

Nic and Hannah share a sneak peek of our next sermon series, starting in January 2020.

#158: Masculinity // Part 2 [Escaping Babel]

Nic, John, and Niccole continue the conversation on masculinity.

#157: Spiritual Beings—expanding on Sunday's message

In Nic’s sermon this Sunday, he talked about how our enemy is the Devil, not men. This episode is a repost of Nic’s sermon from July 15, 2018, that explains why it's reasonable to believe in spiritual beings—a common dilemma in today's highly scientific society.

#156: Masculinity // Part 1 [Escaping Babel]

Nic, John, and Hannah kick off the first of several episodes on biblical masculinity. 

#155: Chewing on Ephesians // November

Femi and Ashlyn finish up this series by talking about the sermons from the month of November.

#154: The Vocations of Working and Leading [The Cutting Room Floor]

Nic, Hannah, and John discuss some questions that arose from Nic's sermon on The Vocations of Working and Leading from November 24, 2019, and share more application points.

#153: Not In The Norm [Escaping Babel]

Nic, John, and Hannah talk about what to do when you're not in the norm—when there's something about your life that's not like the majority of people around you or in society generally.

#152: Slaves and Masters—expanding on Sunday's message

In Nic’s sermon this Sunday, he talked about the pervasiveness of hierarchies. This episode is a repost of Nic’s sermon from April 17, 2014, that will give you a fuller explanation on the specific hierarchy between slaves and masters.

#151: Living with Physical Pain [Counseling]

#150: Chewing on Ephesians // October

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