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Hospitality in the Church

Pastor Nic Gibson talks with Erin Hesse, HPC's Connections Coordinator, about the art of hospitality, emotional intelligence and vulnerability in the church.

Being Evangelistic

Erin and Nic discuss evangelism, what it means, and why it's one of our secondary core values.

The Bible: Liberating and Limiting

Erin and Nic discuss how the Bible can be both a liberating and limiting factor in our lives as Christians.

Interview with Manohar James

Erin and Nic chat with resident scholar Manohar James as he talks a bit about his story and his current role in ministry.

The Mission of the Church

Following Pastor Lloyd's sermon on September 25, Erin and Nic continue to discuss the mission of the church and what that means in terms of living out the gospel.

Interview with Erik Stanley: Alliance Defending Freedom

Wisdom, Liberty, and Tyranny in Society

Kingdom Living

Engage and Equip LIVE Part 2

Engage and Equip LIVE Part 1