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 TRANSFORMING BIBLE STUDY | Sundays, January 7—March 25 at 9am

With Mark Finley and Kent Rawhouser in Micah E

Go deeper into God’s Word using the inductive or manuscript Bible study method, gain familiarity with different styles of biblical writing and make your personal study of the Bible richer and more fruitful as we explore the Gospel of Luke. We will use the English Standard Version (ESV) translation of the Bible.

PARENTING BUILDING BLOCKS | Sundays, January 7—February 25 at 9am

With Ellen Flottmeyer in Micah C

Parenting Building Blocks will examine heart-based parenting strategies for fulfilling God's intent for families. With gospel principles, we will explore: the parent’s ambassadorial role, God-ward focused authority, the importance of scripture for instruction and reproof, heart-oriented discipline, character development, and the role of mercy and grace. Come connect with other parents and learn or review how to apply these principles and strategies to your everyday parenting. This class is recommended for those entering the kid phase through parents with middle-schoolers.

ALMOST ENGAGED, ENGAGED, AND NEWLY MARRIED | Sundays, January 7—February 25 at 9am

With Mike and Estel Beresford in the Staff Room

The class helps equip you for your upcoming (or recent) marriage. We will look at the things you’ll need to recognize, what good communication is, how to build good habits and learn to give the grace needed so that both people grow in who they are in Christ and in themselves. A must for every couple in this relational time span.

THE GOSPELS AND THE RESURRECTION | Sundays, February 18—March 25 at 9am

With Kevin Chau in Micah D

It is commonly taught that Jesus rose from the grave to prove that he was God; however, this was not the main reason for the resurrection. Join our class as we explore what the Gospels have to teach us about how and why the resurrection matters very much to us today. Come and celebrate with us as we prepare for Easter by studying how Jesus defeated the curse of sin for all of us.

TECH WISE | Sundays, March 4—25 at 9am

With Mike Beresford in Micah C

Each of us struggle with the usage of our phones, tablets, video games and more. While there are many wonderful avenues of communication, information, and pleasure that they bring, they can also bring about stress and fractured communication, and form habits within us that are not healthy which can eventually tear apart what is good. Discover how to use your tech items to build health, rather than take apart what God has for you.

FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY | Sundays, January 7—February 25 at 10:45am

With Linda Sey in Micah D

Learn to control your money and prepare for the future. Jump-start your financial journey by attending this round of Financial Peace University. The accountability and motivation you receive from discussing the lessons and meeting with people face-to-face is the key to changing your life!

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HIGH POINT 101 | Sundays, January 7—February 25 at 10:45am

With Mike Beresford and Lloyd Biddle in Micah E

Come see what we are about! This class is an 8-week track to holistically grasp what it looks like to be a member of the High Point Church family. 

  1. This class will help welcome you into the family of High Point Church.
  2. This class will teach what we, as Christians at High Point, believe – the biblical background to our values.
  3. This class will clarify about the stepping stones that build the path of an ever-growing experience as a Christian participating in the local church.
  4. This class is a requirement for membership—but everyone is encouraged to attend!

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OAKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS IN THE REFORMATION | Sundays, February 18—March 25 at 10:45am

With Bob Grahmann and Rebecca Schmitt in Micah C

It's been 500 years since Martin Luther nailed some debate points to the door of a church in Germany – and changed the world. We will take a look at the lives and teachings of some of these very brave, very flawed, and very ordinary people. These men stood against a corrupt religious authority, translated the Bible so that people could read and study it for themselves, and developed a deeply biblical theology and practice that has lasted through the centuries and still forms a foundation of our Faith today. Learning about these Oaks of Righteousness from the Reformation can inspire us today to follow their examples.