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10:45am Classes

HP202: Substance—Becoming More Like Christ

HP101: Membership in the Local Church

Amos: Prophet of Justice and Faith


9am Classes

Parents with Children (5th grade and below)

10:45am Classes 


Everyday Questions 

HP101: Membership in the Local Church | Sundays, May 5 – June 23 at 10:45am

with Membership Committee in Micah C

Come see what we are about! This class is a track to holistically grasp what it looks like to be a member of the High Point Church family. 

1) This class will help welcome you into the family of High Point Church.

2) This class will teach what we, as Christians at High Point, believe – the biblical background to our values.

3) This class will clarify about the stepping stones that build the path of an ever-growing experience as a Christian participating in the local church.

4) This class is a requirement for membership—but everyone is encouraged to attend!

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HP202: Substance—Becoming More Like Christ | Sundays, April 28 – June 23 at 10:45am

with Jill Reasa in Micah D

In the Bible, God promises that he will make us more like Jesus through the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. However, many of us feel stuck in our faith and unsure of how God is transforming us in the midst of our everyday lives. If you feel discouraged in your faith, or resentful toward God, or anxious about many things, in this class we'll learn about what is getting in our way. We'll learn how to pursue Christ and realize God's vision for us to be strong, joyful, loving, and free.

Amos: Prophet of Justice and Faith | Sundays, June 2 – 30 at 10:45am

with Bob Grahmann and Kevin Chau in Micah C 

Join Kevin Chau and Bob Grahmann as they lead us to explore the powerful, relevant prophesies of Amos in the Old Testament.


Parents with Children* | Sundays, June 23 – July 28 at 9am

* 5th grade and below
with Mike Beresford in Micah D

If you are parents with kids in 5th grade or below, this is a great time to meet others to explore some topics on parenting young children. Since your kids are already taken care of and you are already at church, this is a great time to invest in what is good for you and your family. It’s good to be reminded that being at church is also family time – time with the family of God here at High Point Church. The format of this class will be fellowship, prayer, and then a teaching and conversation time.


Rooted | Sundays, June 30 – August 18 at 10:45am

with Jill Reasa and Alexi Gibson in Micah D 

Rooted is a class taught for women, by women. It's a space for you to grow in gospel relationships with other women in the church while we pursue God together. This session of Rooted will focus on clarifying what femininity is. Many women have a complicated relationship with what it means to be feminine. We'll look at what culture teaches us about this area, and what the Bible has to say. Women of all ages are invited!


Everyday Questions | Sundays, June 30 – August 18 at 10:45am

with Andy McDonald in Micah C 

A video and discussion series around the daily apologetic questions. This is produced by RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries).  Life’s biggest questions are being asked all around us every day. Are we hearing the true questions in the midst of the conversations? Do we know how to answer them within the conversation? At the end of this course, you should be able to recognize the questions being asked in daily life and answer them with a Biblically informed answer.