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Small Groups

Small Groups

Small Groups are the number one way at High Point to grow in your relationship with Jesus and other believers. Whether you're new at High Point or have attended for years, there's a small group for you.  

We are currently forming new small groups for Fall 2019--please sign up below!



Our small groups are focused on five things that make our gatherings vibrant and effective at developing disciples. The purpose of striving for these practices is to develop spiritual friendships within the group and encourage group members to be disciples of Jesus both inside and outside of the small group setting. The 5 practices are:

1. Community - All humans need meaningful, worthwhile, spiritual friendships in which Jesus comes up naturally in conversation just as much as topics of everyday life. Our small groups will create environments where people get to know others and become known, love others and are loved, serve others and are served, admonish others and are admonished, grieve with one another, and celebrate others’ successes and are celebrated.

2. Spiritual Growth - Our goal is for members to learn how to apply the Gospel to every area of their lives. Our sermon-derived discussions are a central part of our meetings. These studies will help people grow in the understanding of the Gospel and knowledge of the Bible by primarily encouraging personal application of what is learned.

3. Prayer - In our gatherings, we will earnestly seek God about the Gospel-centered things going on in our lives, in the life of High Point Church, and in the world. In order to produce the most fruitful prayer time, less time should be taken to share requests compared to the time devoted to prayer.

4. Missions - God has invited all people to understand and believe in Jesus and the Gospel. The church has been authorized and empowered to make disciples of all people. Our small groups will participate in this mission locally through evangelism and discipleship and globally through non-financially supporting one of our more than 30 missionaries across the globe through prayer, regular contact, and other assistance as the group determines.

5. Service - Our small groups will regularly serve together in the community as a part of their efforts to demonstrate the love of Christ, grow in fellowship, and participate in Christ’s mission. Group members will also be exhorted to live in such a way that self-sacrificial service is incorporated into their normal rhythms of everyday life.