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Nic's Sabbatical

Pastor Nic talks about what a sabbatical is and what he plans to do on his sabbatical this summer.

Building a Multi-Cultural Church, Part 2

Multiculturalism is one of High Point Church's core values. In this episode, Pastor Steve Nicholson from Evanston Vineyard Church in Evanston, IL shares with HPC leaders about the process of transforming a homogeneous church into a multicultural church.

Building a Multi-Cultural Church, Part 1

Multiculturalism is one of High Point Church's core values. In this episode, Pastor Nic shares our vision for multiculturalism in the local church with a group of HPC's leaders.

Shame and the Gospel

Learn how our culture's understanding of shame compares with a biblical understanding as we view shame through the lens of the gospel.

Overcoming Insecurity

Nic and Jill talk about what insecurity is, the costs of insecurity, and what it looks like to believe the gospel in overcoming insecurity.

When Do the Ends Justify the Means?

As a follow-up from the sermon Kept in Trial, Saved for Judgment from March 5, Nic talks about how, as Christians, we should think through the mindset that "the ends justify the means."

Thoughts on the Electoral College

Pastor Nic and one of High Point Church's elders, Bill Taylor, discuss the recent cultural conversation surrounding the electoral college and the recent election.

The Art and Practice of Worship in the Church

Pastor Nic interviews Niccole Khail and Vincent Pierri, the current and previous Directors of Worship Arts at High Point Church, about songwriting, creating worship sets, and the importance of art in the local church.

Dominican Republic Partnership

Erin and Pastor Nic talk with Casey from Hands of Hope about the effectiveness of long-term community development and child sponsorship in our partner community, El Amirante, in the Dominican Republic.

Spiritual Discipline: Part 2

Erin and Nic talk through the distinction and importance of spiritual discipline compared to specific spiritual disciplines.