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#57: Fascism in Today's American Culture: Interview with Dr Stanley Payne

Pastor Nic Gibson interviews expert historian of fascism, Dr Stanley Payne. Listen as they discuss fascism in the past, as well as its implications for our American culture today.

Chewing on Substance Week 11: the Cavalry

#56: Security Within The Local Church

#55: Chewing on Substance Week 10: Belonging to the Formational Community

Substance Appx B - Cavalry

Substance Ch 11 - Belonging to the Formational Community

#53: Chewing on Substance Week 9: Embracing Discipline

Substance Ch 10 - Embracing Discipline

#51: Chewing on Substance Week 8: Escaping Diversion

Join Communications Coordinator John Sekutowski and Worship Director Niccole Khail as they discuss Week 8 of Substance!

#50: Chewing on Substance Week 7: Welcome to the Ordinary

Join Ministry Administrative Assistant Becca Cooks and Elder Bill Taylor as they discuss Week 7 of Substance!