The Engage & Equip podcast is a resource designed to help form substantive disciples for the local church. You'll find a wide variety of topics to take your growth beyond Sunday sermons and into your daily life.


Escaping Babel is a series about escaping cultural captivity with gospel truth.

Episodes #73, 76, 78, 80, and 81 talk about dating and relationships.

Episodes #134 – 136 provide a foundation on spiritual friendships, while episodes #138, 139, and 141 give insight into real friendships that model spiritual friendships in different ways.

Sometimes our pastors don't get to all the content they want to in a 50-minute sermon. In the Cutting Room Floor, you'll hear a discussion on the stuff they missed.

Latest Cutting Room Floor episode: #154

We've been going through the book of Ephesians this year, and every month you'll hear a discussion on the last month of sermons to help you digest the content you've been listening to on Sunday mornings.

Introduction: Episode #118
May: Episode #120
June: Episode #125
July: Episode #130
August: Episode #137
September: Episode #142
October: Episode #150
November: Episode #155


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#106: What sexual practices am I free in Christ to enjoy? [Sexuality Everywhere 7]

Adam and Nic tackle the question: what sexual practices am I free in Christ to enjoy?

#105: Boundaries [Sexuality Everywhere 6]

Glenn and Vickie Smith discuss practical advice for avoiding sexual entanglements.

#104: Love in the Vice [Sexuality Everywhere 5]

How can we extend gospel-centered love to our LGBT neighbors? Pastor Nic tackles this question in the recent Sexuality Everywhere Conference.

#103: Teens: Jesus Knows More [Sexuality Everywhere 4]

Luke Zeka, Vince Pierri, and Niccole Khail talk to teens about how Jesus knows more about sex and sexuality than your friends or the internet.

#102: Bonding [Sexuality Everywhere 3]

Father Gregory walks us through questions surrounding bonding at the recent Sexuality Everywhere conference.

#101: Session 1 Q+A [Sexuality Everywhere 2]

Nic and Adam answer audience questions about sexuality at the Sexuality Everywhere conference.

#100: The Story of Sex [Sexuality Everywhere 1]

In the first plenary of Sexuality Everywhere, Adam Mabry walks us through the story of sex.

#99: Headship and Authority [Touchy Issues 7]

In the final episode of the Touchy Issues series, Nic covers the issue of headship and authority.

#98: Deciding on Singleness [Touchy Issues 6]

Throughout this series we have covered a myriad of topics surrounding sexuality—in this episode, Nic is going to walk us through deciding on singleness.

#97: Divorce [Touchy Issues 5]

In this episode, Nic talks about the touchy issue of divorce.

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