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#55: Chewing on Substance Week 10: Belonging to the Formational Community

Substance Appx B - Cavalry

Substance Ch 11 - Belonging to the Formational Community

#53: Chewing on Substance Week 9: Embracing Discipline

Substance Ch 10 - Embracing Discipline

#51: Chewing on Substance Week 8: Escaping Diversion

Join Communications Coordinator John Sekutowski and Worship Director Niccole Khail as they discuss Week 8 of Substance!

#50: Chewing on Substance Week 7: Welcome to the Ordinary

Join Ministry Administrative Assistant Becca Cooks and Elder Bill Taylor as they discuss Week 7 of Substance!

#49: Chewing on Substance Week 6: In Step with the Spirit

Join Kids Ministry Pastor Vince Pierri and Administrative Director Jean Collins as they discuss Week 6 of Substance!

Substance Ch 9 - Escaping Diversion

#47: Chewing on Substance Week 5: Virtuous Freedom 2

Join Pastoral Assistant Becca Cooks and Connections Coordinator Erin Hesse as they discuss Week 5 of Substance! Email if you have thoughts or feedback for the miniseries.

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